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    Toro Snow Commander Quick Parts List

    If you have a Toro SnowCommander series snowthrower models include 38600, 38601, 38602 and 38603 model years 2005to 2008 the following is a list of common parts for those units.

    Remember, this list is just a guideline for the most current model year.  Please have your MODEL & SERIAL number handy to use this link to verify correct part numbers:

    If you are unsure about the correct part numbers for your snowthrower, one of our team members will be glad to help you.  Call us toll free at 800-769-3741with your model and serial number

    Can't find what you're looking for, or don't know exactly what part you need?

    Head over to our Parts Lookup page with your equipment's brand, model and serial number. From there you'll have access to schematics and parts lists for your equipment! Find the parts you need instantly!

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    Picture of 100-9872 Toro BLADE-ROTOR

    100-9872 Toro BLADE-ROTOR

    # 100-9872 - BLADE-ROTOR
    Picture of 104-0851 Toro BELT-DRIVE

    104-0851 Toro BELT-DRIVE

    # 104-0851 - BELT-DRIVE
    Picture of 104-0896 Toro CABLE-CLUTCH

    104-0896 Toro CABLE-CLUTCH

    # 104-0896 - CABLE-CLUTCH
    Picture of 104-4133 Toro GAS CAP ASM

    104-4133 Toro GAS CAP ASM

    # 104-4133 - GAS CAP ASM
    Picture of 104-4138 Toro SCRAPER ASM

    104-4138 Toro SCRAPER ASM

    # 104-4138 - SCRAPER ASM
    Picture of 44-2750 Toro BODY-PRIMER

    44-2750 Toro BODY-PRIMER

    # 44-2750 - BODY-PRIMER
    Picture of 63-8360 Toro KEY-IGNITION (W/SHIELD)

    63-8360 Toro KEY-IGNITION (W/SHIELD)

    # 63-8360 - KEY-IGNITION
    Picture of 66-7460 Toro BULB-PRIMER

    66-7460 Toro BULB-PRIMER

    # 66-7460 - BULB-PRIMER
    Picture of PK-TORO Toro Snowblower Primer Kit Includes Primer Bulb & Primer Body FREE U.S. MAIL SHIPPING!
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