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    Bluebird cutting kits

    Lawn Dethatchers, Lawn Spreaders & Other Home & Garden Supplies Available at Power Equipment Warehouse Did you know earthworms keep thatch build-up down? We don't sell earthworms, but we can certainly provide a lawn dethatcher! A lawn rake and some elbow grease will do a great job of dethatching yards smaller than 2500 SF, with less than ½" of thatch. Larger yards with more than ½" of thatch, require a power lawn dethatcher. A lawn dethatcher looks similar to a power lawnmower, but instead of one horizontal blade, a lawn dethatcher has numerous vertically aligned blades that cut into the soil surface. Blade depth and spacing is dependent on the type of grass you have. Typically, warm season grasses require spacing of 1-2 inches. Delicate, thinner grasses require 3 inch spacing. Blade depth is usually ½". For better lawn coverage use a lawn dethatcher in crossing patterns. After using a lawn dethatcher you will need to remove the thatch with a rake. Most homeowners will rent a lawn dethatcher or hire a professional lawn service to dethatch their yard. Be sure to ask the rental store to calibrate the lawn dethatcher based on the type of grass in your area. Lawn Care Professionals - Now is the time to add a lawn dethatcher and lawn spreader to your equipment fleet! We offer JRCO, Classen, Ryan and Bluebird dethatchers! The best time to fertilize or over seed your lawn is after dethatching and debris clean up. To do so, a quality lawn spreader is essential. If you decide to reseed, rake the suspended seeds into the exposed soil and add fertilizer with a lawn spreader. Next, apply a light layer of matter and/or sand. When using a lawn spreader, be sure to calibrate the lawn spreader so it applies the fertilizer or seed correctly. Never fill your lawn spreader while it is parked on the grass. Doing so will cause the grass to burn if too much fertilizer is accidentally discharged while loading. Instead, fill your lawn spreader elsewhere and wheel it onto your lawn. Power Equipment Warehouse has a lawn spreader for you! We carry the full line of PSB and Earth Way broadcast and drop type lawn spreaders. We even have a tow behind lawn spreader for your tractor or Z mower. Call Power Equipment Warehouse today, 1-800-769-3741 for information on a lawn dethatcher or a lawn spreader!

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    flail reel assembly

    539107180 18" Bluebird Flail Reel Assembly

    18" Flail Reel Assembly NO BEARINGS
    delta reel assembly

    539107181 18" Bluebird Delta Reel Assembly

    18" Delta Reel Assembly NO BEARINGS
    spring tine assembly

    539107182 18" Bluebird Spring Tine Kit

    Bluebird Spring Tine Kit, complete - NO BEARINGS
    flail reel assembly

    539107183 22" Bluebird Flail Reel Assembly

    22" Flail Reel Assembly
    delta reel assembly

    539107184 22" Bluebird Delta Reel Assembly

    22" Delta Reel Assembly
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