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Fight insect damage and disease while enriching your lawn using a grass dethatcher 


Thatch is an accumulation of roots, crowns and grass clippings that creates a dense mat of vegetation at the root level of your lawn.  When thatch build up becomes greater than ½”, it creates a barrier and prevents vital nutrients, water and air from penetrating the soil, and inhibiting your lawns ability to fight off disease and dehydration.  Using a dethatcher removes unwanted thatch from your lawn.  The best time to use a dethatcher is in the early spring or late fall, this gives your lawn a chance to recover after using the dethatcher.  When using a dethatcher, be sure the reel isn’t set too low, after using a dethatcher, your turf will become more resistant to insect damage and disease.  You’ll have a vibrant lawn after using your dethatcher because the denser growth will promote a deeper color.  Power Equipment Warehouse carries quality dethatcher units made by Bluebird, Classen, and JRCO.  Bluebird and Classen dethatcher units are walk behind units, and the JRCO dethatcher units can mount on the front of your ZTR mower.  Don’t go without adding a dethatcher to your landscape trailer.  Add dethatcher service to your offerings to your customers to increase your bottom line!

 Do you install landscaping?  Don’t be without a sod cutter.  Having a sod cutter will save back breaking work when installing new flower beds, or cutting an area for a garden.   A basic sod cutter hand tool looks a lot like a shovel with a serrated edge and a beveled back. However, don't be fooled into thinking you can just use a shovel to do the job of a sod cutter. You could, but it will be a lot easier if you use a sod cutter instead. A sod cutter allows you to easily remove the grass and its roots, making your cleared site much cleaner than using a shovel.  The sod cutter hand tool can be picked up at your local hardware store. 

 There is one more type of sod cutter that should be mentioned for those who have a very large piece of land they need to clear of sod; the gas-powered sod cutter. These monster machines look like large a large tiller on four wheels and cut the sod into long rectangles that can be rolled up and carried away.

A gas sod cutter is a necessary piece of equipment for any landscape professional who installs landscaping, and flower beds.  No matter which type of sod cutter you choose or how much sod you need to cut, you'll find that choosing and using the right tool for the job will make this back-breaking work a little


Dethatchers aren’t all we carry to help manage your turf.  We offer a variety of sod cutters too!



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