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    Commercial Edgers

    Create a beautiful manicured property with versatile lawn/bed edgers from Power Equipment Warehouse 

    Does your neighbor’s lawn look like it has been groomed with absolute precision?  Are the edges of his yard absolutely perfect?  Don’t fret; you can have this same beautiful look by simply using a grass edger.  Grass Edgers are reasonably priced pieces of equipment that come in either electric or gas.  Edgers will provide you the tool necessary to create a beautifully manicured landscape.  Using a lawn edger might not be easy the first time, but once you have initially edged your flower beds, sidewalks and driveway properly your lawn edger can maintain this appearance easily ongoing.

    Electric lawn/bed edgers…

    An electric lawn edger is a great option for homeowners who don’t have real hard soil or have a small area to edge.  Remember, when using an electric lawn edger, be sure you don’t use more than a 100’ extension cord, and be sure to keep the cord away from the lawn edger blade.   

    Gas lawn/bed edgers… 

    Gas powered edgers range in quality and power.  Most gas edgers start at 3 to 3.5HP and have a 7” or 8” lawn edger blade. McLane edgers have been time tested and remain a quality unit as far as edgers are concerned.  Most quality edgers have depth and angle control on the lawn edger blade.  Having the ability to angle the edger’s blade will enable you to create a nice angled edge on your flower beds, but when it comes to edging your driveway or sidewalk, you will want the edger’s blade to be in a vertical position.   

    Depending on how frequently you use your lawn edger, the blade will need to be replaced.  You will know when the edger blades are in need of replacement when the edger’s blade becomes rounded.  Power Equipment Warehouse has electric and gas powered edgers, as well as regular grade and heavy duty lawn edger blades.  Call us today; you will have the best looking lawn on the block! 

    For commercial applications, check out Brown Bed edgers.  These durable machines can cut new beds, re-define existing beds, install invisible dog fencing and edge sidewalks and drives.  Brown Bed edgers are versatile machines some models have steerable rear wheels, other edger models are capable of handling many different rotor styles. 

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