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Lawn aerators… the key to lush, beautiful lawns 


Aerators remove cores of turf to improve the flow of air, water and nutrients in dense, compacted soil caused by walking and mowing.  Compacted soil is one of the greatest causes of turf deterioration. When soil is compacted, dirt particles are forced together, reducing the area where roots can grow. Using a lawn aerator will relieve soil compaction by improving the exchange of water and critical nutrients to grass roots.  Aerators relieve soil compaction by removing evenly-spaced cores of turf up to 3 inches in depth.  Once aerators are used the soil is aerated, air exchange is improved and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer and other nutrients.  


Annual or semi-annual use of a lawn aerator promotes deeper root growth for a lawn that is lush, healthy and drought resistant. For optimal effectiveness a lawn aerator should be should be used in the spring (between March and May) and fall (between August and November); these are the ideal times to aerate cool season grasses.  Aerators used on perennial Rye grass, Kentucky bluegrass, warm season grasses, such as Zoysia and Bermuda grasses benefit  most from spring or summer aeration.

Before using a lawn aerator take the following steps: 


  • Map out any obstructions so the lawn aerator will not encounter any hazards in your yard.

  • The night before, water the area to be aerated; this will help soften the soil and allow the lawn aerator to achieve maximum core penetration.

  • Cover every inch of the lawn and go over the high traffic areas more than once.

  • After using your lawn aerator, water the lawn and apply fertilizer, this will promote growth and allow for grass to become more substantial. 


Power Equipment Warehouse has a wide variety of aerators to choose from.  Quality brands like Ryan, Bluebird, Classen and JRCO.  When investing in a hard-working piece of equipment like a lawn aerator, don’t skimp on quality.  These aerators take a beating.  Walk-behind aerators with a split drive reel allow for easy turning while still aerating, or choose a lawn aerator to tow behind your tractor up to 84” wide! We even have aerators to fit your ZTR mower. 

For the weekend warrior with a big yard, a lawn aerator will make you the envy of the neighborhood, but for the professional landscapers out there, adding a lawn aerator to your equipment arsenal will add to your bottom line.  Offer as many services as you can to your customers:  aerators, dethatchers, overseeders, bed edgers, all of these pieces of equipment will make you the one-stop shop for your customers.

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