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Power Equipment Warehouse carries a complete line of OEM and aftermarket lawnmower blades  

Sharp lawnmower blades are essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn. Dull mower blades results in frayed grass which doesn’t look very nice.  Keeping your mower blades sharp will eliminate this problem.  Your lawnmower blades get a lot of use, especially if you mulch more than you bag.  Remember, when you mulch, your mower blade cuts the grass again and again therefore the mower blade is getting much more use resulting in a dull blade.  This is why every homeowner or commercial contractor should keep a spare blade on hand.  While your dull blade is in the shop being professionally sharpened and balanced you can use your spare blade and still cut the grass.  A lawnmower blade can bend and even break, so if by chance you hit something, be sure to replace your mower blade immediately.  

How often should you sharpen your lawnmower blades? 

Mower blades should be sharpened at least twice a year and more so if your lawn is thick and lush or you live in a climate where you cut more than six months out of the year.  Professional landscapers should sharpen their mower blades daily. Have no fear…Power Equipment Warehouse carries replacement lawnmower blades for your mower.  We have an OEM or aftermarket mower blade for you.  Don’t ignore your mower blade.  Check your blades frequently for chips and nicks, and if you hit something, be sure to check to see how “true” your blade spins.  You may be able to replace your lawnmower blade with a Gator blade.

What are Gator mower blades?

Gator mower blades are designed to cut your clippings finer than a traditional mower blade.  The high lift of the Gator mulcher lawnmower blade draws the grass up, giving it a clean, even cut.   Other mulching blades push grass down, often resulting in an uneven, ragged cut. The high lift of Gator mower blades also makes Gator mulcher lawnmower blades an excellent choice in bagging operations. You get the look of a bagged lawn while reducing clippings by up to 5O%.

Call Power Equipment Warehouse today with the brand, make and model number of your mower, and we can find the correct replacement mower blades for you.

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