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102404 GoSlide Sliding Sulky Glides smoothly over bumps and leaves a clean well-defined stripe on the lawn!
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GoSlide Sliding Sulky

The GoSlide offers great looking professional lawns with even greater cost-saving benefits than clumsy-wheeled sulkies. You will get Great Results, provide Better Striping, Mow Faster, Conserve Energy, Reduce Fatigue and Injury, and Never Replace A Tire or Wheel Bearing Again! The GoSlide offers the opportunity to build your professional image, your referrals, and your income. MAKE MORE MONEY USING GOSLIDE. The GoSlide is the economical alternative to the Proslide XT. The main differences between the GoSlide and the XT are: 1. The GoSlide does not automatically retract. It can be lifted by hand and chained in the up position so that you can walk. 2. The wear plate is thinner on the GoSlide. 3. The foot plate is smaller on the GoSlide. Not recommended for mower decks under 48in. or for belt driven mowers. Operators weighing more than 205lbs may need a weight kit.

Glides smoothly over bumps and leaves a clean well-defined stripe on the lawn!
Folds up when not in use (chain required to hold it in "up" position) 1 year limited warranty

Please specify make and model of your mower, this unit is not for use on some belt drive mowers. If in doubt, please call 800-769-3741

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102404 GoSlide SLIDING SULKY
SKU: 102404

$166.12 (USD)