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Fight insect damage and disease while enriching your lawn using a grass dethatcher 

Thatch is an accumulation of roots, crowns and grass clippings that create a dense mat of vegetation at the root level of your lawn.  When thatch build up becomes greater than ½”, it creates a barrier and prevents vital nutrients, water and air from penetrating the soil.  This inhibits your lawn’s ability to fight off disease and dehydration.  A dethatcher removes this unwanted thatch from your lawn.  The best time to use a lawn dethatcher is in the early spring or late fall since this timeline gives your lawn a chance to recover.  When using a dethatcher, be sure the reel isn’t set too low; this can damage your lawn.  Additional benefits of using a dethatcher is your turf will become far more resistant to insect damage and disease and you’ll have a vibrant lawn because the denser growth will promote a deeper color.   

Power Equipment Warehouse carries quality dethatcher units made by Bluebird, Classen, and JRCO.  Bluebird and Classen dethatcher units are walk behind, and the JRCO dethatcher units can mount on the front of your ZTR mower.  Contractors; don’t go without adding a dethatcher to your landscape trailer.  A dethatcher means being able to offer a much needed service to your current customer offerings…and will increase your bottom line! 

Dethatchers aren’t all we carry to help manage your turf.  We offer a variety of sod cutters too! 

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